"Vienna's Martin Brandlmayr is one of the most distinctive-sounding drummers on the planet."
Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

".....Martin Brandlmayr created such a beautifully complex auditory texture through manual repetition and sampling his own sounds that made you feel like you were looking the retractions in a deep clear pond of water"

Royce Deans, Copper Press, on Martin Brandlmayr´s Solo Performance at Preston Bradley Hall, Chicago, 2009

"Martin Brandlmayr gave a typical proof of his tension-and-release rhythm contructions. His use of the drumkit, tonight added with a vibe set, generated a constant groove out of sharp and decise gestures, with a destructured but highly fluidified approach...."

Gian Paolo Galasi, London_Resonance , on Martin Brandlmayr´s Solo Performace at Sottovoce festival, London, 2011

Martin Brandlmayr: drums, vibraphone, transducers, realtime-samplesetup