Christian Fennesz: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, computer
Martin Brandlmayr: drums, vibraphone, computer
Werner Dafeldecker: double bass, tape delay, computer

1: Till The Old World´s Blown Up And A New One Is Created (edited and arranged by Martin Brandlmayr) 34:34

1: Tau (edited and arranged by Christain Fennesz) 4:49
2: Jets (edited and arranged by Werner Dafeldecker) 3:51
3: Me Son (edited and arranged by Martin Brandlmayr) 5:27

Recorded By [Source Material] – Christoph Amann
Recorded By [Additional Recordings] – Fennesz, Brandlmayr, Dafeldecker
Mixdown by Werner Dafeldecker
Piano – Martin Brandlmayr (tracks: CD1)
Mastered by Studio Beige
Artwork by

Liner Notes:
The process: several improvisations are reworked into three brief tracks, one edited by each member of the trio. Then these pieces are mined for a few very short fragments. These, in turn, form the core of a much longer piece, painstakingly assembled around repeated motifs salvaged from the wreckage. Very slowly – over four years of intermittent activity – a long piece comes into being. As it gets longer more space and silence enters the music. The trio's working method on "till the old world's blown up…" is one of sudden flash and meltdown, followed by a gradual process of cellular division. This inexorable metastatic activity builds a new organism with a peculiar life of its own, far removed from its sources. Ghostly twangs of Americana, Ligeti-esque glissandi, hesitant electronic sputters, luminous vibraphone – all these and more combine and recombine, separated by stretches of nothing at all and driven by an urge to become ever more abstract. By the end of the process the old world has gone for good. (Will Montgomery)

Resident Advisor
Sound Projector
Spex (German)