Burkhard Beins - drums, percussion
Martin Brandlmayr - drums, percussion
John Butcher - tenor and soprano saxophone
Werner Dafeldecker - double bass
Michael Moser - cello and computer

1. Datum Cut (by Michael Moser) 15:29
2. Mirror by (Werner Dafeldecker) 10:58
3. Core Cut (by Michael Moser) 4:25
4. Magnetic North (by Polwechsel) 6:34
5. Site And Setting (by Michael Moser)13:43

recorded may 14th and 15th 2005 at studio p4, nalepastrasse, berlin, by thorsten weigelt

Software programming for Datum Cut and Core Cut by Wolfgang Musil
Mixed by Werner Dafeldecker and Michael Moser
Mastered by Christoph Amann

Hat Hut Records, CD hatology 633, ch 2006